Leather Car Seat Repair

If your leather seats look like they were in a cat fight and lost, you need to have your leather repaired at Interior Magic Columbus. We are the leaders in automotive appearance reconditioning.  Your leather seats age and wear with time and we are the leather repair experts. 

This Chevy Silverado looks and feels like new again! Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

Our trained technicians are experienced in restoring your car’s interior. Click here for more of our services. For a free estimate, click here and send us your photos.

Now, if only it was that easy for our aging faces too!

Scare Those Stains Away!

A scary look is good for Halloween, but not when it’s your car! Don’t scare your passengers with stains and smells in your car. Contact Interior Magic, the experts at interior restoration for cars.  Their trained technicians can remove your stubborn stains and smells.  They can also repair your ripped leather or upholstery. We can give you a FREE estimate for work in the Columbus area.

Leather & Vinyl Brush before & after


Car Dent Removal

Did you know that Interior Magic has trained technicians that also specialize in car dent or ding removal. This process is called PDR or paintless dent repair.  Interior Magic can repair and improve your car’s leather, vinyl, cloth or dashboard interior, remove stains and smells, restore your headlights and alloy wheels, and remove windshield chips.  In addition, they can make your exterior look like new again with PDR by working with our sister company, Atlanta Dent Company. Contact us for a FREE Estimate.  Interior Magic, “it’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

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Graphic Replacement

What is graphic replacement on an automobile dashboard? It’s a process to repair those worn off buttons that appear when you should have a graphic on that button. Sometimes, a women’s hand lotions can remove the graphics if repeatedly pushed like the cooler button on the A/C in the summer! For a FREE estimate, click here.  Interior Magic specializes in automotive appearance reconditioning “It’s like plastic surgery for you car!”  We have graphic replacements for Chevy, Buick, or GMC buttons that are rubbing off.

Interior Magic Graphic Replacement